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About Planwell Loans

Planwell Loan’s main focus is to help people plan well for their future. We are a full service marketing company, focused on connecting our clients to the lender direct inorder to get you pre-approved faster than traditional mortgage companies. We work with John and Ed, who are some of the most creative lenders in banking, with over 30 years of experience. They specialize in finding the right loan programs for you, when big banks tell you no. John and Ed offer over 150 different types of loans, has access to more than 75 different private Investors and now serving in 46 states across the U.S.A.

No middle men, no lag time, you are now going directly to the source to find out which loan you qualify for.  To expedite your application, Planwell Loans has made a digitale application form that can be completed within minutes! Once your form is completed, you will receive an email from John requestion your signature for the (2) borrower’s authorization letters inorder streamline the loan process.

To get started, simply click the Apply Now, fill out the Mortgage Intake Form as much as possible and click submit to talk to John or Ed today to see which loan you qualify for!


What Our Client Says

We almost gave up on our dream of owning our own home but the team at Planwell Loans sped up the process and connected us straight to John!

Matthew, Strathpine

Had it not been for Planwell Loans, I would have lost my home. I would like to thank Planwell Loans again for all she has done for not only me but for my family

Andrew, Smith
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What Type of Loan do you Need?